Learn Shawl Design in Your Living Room.

Designing a great shawl pattern isn’t simple… but it’s not rocket science, either. In fact, there’s a straightforward process you can follow to create successful shawl designs without feeling overwhelmed.

You want to design your own shawls but have no clue where to start. Maybe maths has not been your favorite subject in school and you’re intimidated of the calculations shawl design involves. You have no idea how increases influence the shape of a shawl, or how to fit stitch patterns into various shawl shapes.

Successful Shawl Design

Get Rid of Your Shawl Math Phobia Once and For All

This feeling of overwhelm makes you stop designing before you even started. Or you might actually have the courage to begin, but soon you feel stuck and just give up again.

Let me tell you one thing: you’re not the only one asking these questions. I’ve been answering them for years, and it’s all easier than you might think. After answering the same questions over and over I decided to create an online course teaching people shawl design including all the information needed to create your own.

You can become a successful shawl designer, even if you haven’t written a single knitting pattern ever. Start designing your own shawl knitting patterns today with my newest online course: Successful Shawl Design.

Learn to find the right idea and start creating your own shawl designs you’ll enjoy. No matter if you plan on designing just for yourself – or thinking about starting a design career!


Jana’s Story

I’ve been knitting for almost 10 years but didn’t feel confident enough to attempt creating my own shawl designs. It looked so complicated! I really thought I couldn’t do that.

After watching your videos I finally feel confident to design my first shawl pattern. You explained it really well! It makes me wanna go ahead with designing my own shawl because now I know how to do the math. Thank you!



Nora’s Story

I always wanted to design my own shawls but did not have a clue how to start. The whole process just felt overwhelming and I always wondered why others seemed to find that so easy.

Then I got the chance to attend your Shawl Design Bootcamp – wow! Your explanations are so very clear and a neat way of tackling the maths. I had never thought of going from yarn to design, for instance. That is very liberating. I feel much more confident in attempting my first design now.

Can’t say we didn’t warn you   

Successful Shawl Design is interactive and designed for action. If you are expecting to just watch videos and not do real work this course won’t be for you.

Julia’s Story

“Creating pattern was always more interesting than following instructions for me. But of course I did not start knitting shawls by creating my own but by selecting appealing patterns and followed their instructions word by word.

As a physicist, I soon was tempted to find out the underlying magic of shawl construction. How do the designers of all those beautiful shawls choose which patterns to use? How do they calculate the number of stitches to cast on, how can they know which patterns work for which shawl and which do not – and why? I was hooked.”


9 Weeks to Professional Shawl Design

Successful Shawl Design teaches you the fundamental skills required to validate your ideas and turn them into successful shawl designs. If you put in the time, we guarantee you will succeed at creating your own shawl designs.

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Julia’s Story (continued)

“Soon after I just started away, chose an appealing chart and cast on my first do-it-yourself triangle shawl. Needless to say it ended up in a disaster: the charts did not add up properly, I always ended up with additional stitches at the sides. I must have missed something!

After consulting some graph paper and a pen, I figured out that there are some simple mathematical rules and recipes to apply to each shape. If followed, everybody can create shawl patterns that work.”

You can create shawl patterns, too!


Personalized Support

A self-guided course can only teach you so much and that’s why we are here to here to personally answer all of your questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

We compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions about the course for you.


It’s hard to be a shawl designer by yourself. Luckily, you have access to our private designer group. The group is an excellent resource to get instant feedback from successful members and to learn from others.

Julia’s Mission

“This course has been created with only one thing in mind: to help you create successful shawl designs.”

You can be a shawl designer – even if you haven’t created a single knitting pattern ever!

“Wow – you made the math understandable for a severely math-challenged person. Congratulations!”


I have designed socks but haven’t attempted a shawl. But now that I’m armed with these helpful links and videos, I am going to try my hand at designing a shawl. Great job!



“I have really enjoyed your course and appreciate the concise and easy to follow instruction. I feel pretty confident to try on my own design now.”


Motivation can strike at any time

Take Successful Shawl Design with you on your phone or tablet. Inspiration often happens away from the computer.

You’ll get unlimited lifetime access.

What’s stopping you from joining right now?

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Works around the globe.

We teach fundamentals to members in over 50+ countries worldwide, including Uruguay!


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Money an issue?

For only $0.63/day, you can invest in yourself and have access forever. That’s less than the price of a cup of coffee. You can’t afford to cheat yourself the design skills you want NOW.

You are desperate to attend this course but you REALLY can’t afford it? Good news: I’m offering three scholarships for this course. Please see the FAQ for details on how to apply!


The 9-Weeks Challenge

If you can commit just 30 minutes a day to Successful Shawl Design, you can complete our 9-Weeks Challenge. If you can’t find the time, we strongly encourage you to try other books and courses and blame them for your laziness.


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Still not convinced?

Dr. Julia Riede: “If avid students fail, it’s the teachers fault”

A few years ago, while working for the Austrian Army, I was asked to hold a course in nuclear physics for students of the Military Academy. The goal was to enable them to communicate efficiently with the physicist in charge on missions – which in fact meant I would be teaching nuclear physics on college level.

My students were eager to learn, but most of them never made friends with maths. One of them had not even finished high school – he was accepted by the academy via a special second education program. Which did not include any math at all.

So in fact, I had to teach college level physics to people with a math knowledge based on 8th grade.

In the very first lecture, they looked at me with what I just could call fear. They knew they had to pass my exam to get on with their studies and they all had made bad experience with math and physics teachers, so no wonder. They were used to failing.

They all passed the exam.

And guess which sentence I heard most after the course? This one: “I’m so happy I finally found somebody who explained maths in a way I could understand.”

My biggest goal was to give them confidence in their abilities and helping them achieve theirs. I was proud of my students, and it has been me who did it.

I successfully taught nuclear physics to an audience with no previous knowledge. Do you still think you cannot master shawl design?

You can do it

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will we be able to access the course videos and materials?

We all know that sometimes life just gets in the way. If you every need a pause, that’s fine. Don’t worry a minute – the course will be there waiting for you.

Can I do the course in my own pace?

Yes, you can access all course material anytime after registration. Any live events will be recorded and can be accessed afterwards.

Which shawl shapes are covered?

All shapes covered in Shawl Design in Plain English will be covered in the course. There is one chapter about each one, including detailed video instructions, pattern templates, example patterns and additional resources.

I’m afraid I don’t feel confident using charts. Is this course still for me?

After completing the module that deals with charts you will feel confident about working with charts. If you did your assignments but still are not, I did a bad job and you get your money back. Simple as that.

Do we learn how to create charts?

Yes, creating charts is part of the course.

I get “scared” and don’t believe that i can do it.

You can do it. I’m sure about that. I managed to teach college level physics to people with the math education equivalent to 8th grade students. Read the whole story.

I would love to publish and sell my patterns. Can you teach me how?

Are you dreaming of selling your patterns for an extra side income? There’s one module devoted to publishing and selling teaching you how to start – and where to go from there.

I don’t plan on selling my patterns. Is this course for me?

How to publish your shawl designs and how to start selling them is the extensive topic of one of the modules. If you don’t plan on selling your patterns yet, you can just skip this one and get back to it for later reference eventually. Who knows, maybe you change your mind about selling sooner or later!

When does the course start?

The course’s live events start on January 9th, 2016. As the holiday season is just around the corner, you are busy with other priorities I’m sure! However, registration closes on Dec. 6th and there will be no possibility to take part in the course afterwards.

How long does it take?

Every week, another module is unlocked and the instructional videos, assignments and additional materials of this module will become accessible. The live sessions take place once per week, during the weekends. Between unlocking and live session you got time to watch the videos, doing your homework and get familiar with the topic of the week so you can profit the most from the live Q&A session, which is part of the Webinars.

What are these “Webinars” you mentioned?

Webinars are live events (taking place once a week) where I’ll talk about the topic of the week live. You can tune in, ask all your questions and get personal assistance in your process of becoming a shawl designer. I’ll be with you during the duration of the course and do my best to assist you. These live events also serve as accountability – if you participate, you’ll stay on track. Promise.

How can I apply for a scholarship?

If you desperately want to attend this course but really can’t afford it, write me an email and tell me why. The three best applications will get a subscription for Successful Shawl Design for free as an early Christmas present.

More Questions?

If you have questions not answered here, please don’t hesitate to send me an email and ask. I’ll do my best to answer every single one. PS: There are no silly questions.

You can do it!